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SA 8000 Certification

SA8000 is an international standard for improving working conditions. Based on the principles of thirteen international human rights conventions, it is a tool to support apply these norms to practical work-life situations. Sufficiently specific to be used to audit companies and contractors alike in multiple industries and countries, SA8000 represents a major breakthrough: it was the first auditable social standard and creates a procedure that is truly independent (it is neither a government project, nor dominated by any single interest group).

The worldwide-recognized certification to the SA8000 standard involves the development and auditing of management systems that promote socially acceptable working practices bringing benefits to the complete supply chain.

The most widely recognized global standard for managing human rights in the workplace is Social Accountability International’s SA 8000:2001. It is the first auditable standard, suitable for organizations of all sizes anywhere in the world, and provides a framework for assuring all of your stakeholders that social accountability is being stewarded by your management.

SA8000 members are presented a self-assessment package and other tools to support them implement a policy on social responsibility. They are expected to notify their suppliers of their purpose to adopt SA8000 standards, and to set a schedule for phasing out dealings with companies that fail to meet those criteria.

The SA8000 code of practice is broken down into nine key areas:

  • Child labour;
  • Forced labour;
  • Health and safety;
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining;
  • Discrimination;
  • Disciplinary practices;
  • Working hours;
  • Compensation;
  • Management systems.

Benefits of SA 8000

  • Proofs your commitment to social accountability and to treating your employees ethically and in compliance with worldwide standards
  • Growths the management and performance of your supply chain
  • Permits you to demonstrate proper social accountability when bidding for international contracts or growing locally to accommodate new business
  • Permits you to check compliance with worldwide standards and reduce the risk of negligence, public exposure and possible litigation
  • Supports your corporate vision and build and reinforce the loyalty of your employees, clienteles and stakeholders

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